Dreams are literally inner vision, a window into our consciousness and a wonderful resource for gaining insight. They offer a universal key to our worldly experiences. Each night we have adventures independent of our physical bodies.


Dreams can increase your everyday effectiveness by giving you access to vital information that can help heal physical, emotional and spiritual issues. 

Keep a journal of your dreams to help you remember them, and to nurture and enrich your creativity.

  • Access daily guidance from your dreams to achieve your goals

  • Tune into the language of your dreams for healing

  • Be more creative in every aspect of your life

  • Amplify your intuition

  • Discover your soul contract

  • Make death your ally

  • Recognize synchronicity in everyday events

Contact Peggy for Private Dream Consultation in a safe and nurturing space, and to learn more about Active Dreaming. Explore your dreams and learn practical techniques to anchor dreams into your daily life.