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“My session with Peggy helped me to reconnect to a profound dream that I recently had. I appreciated her skillful guidance in a soothing voice to help me slip back into the dream experience and gain new insights.” 


Donna Kassewitz, Global Heart, Inc. and The Speak Dolphin Research Project


"I worked with Peggy over a period of several years during which time I was struggling with issues in my professional and personal life. I found her to be a remarkable anchor and strong and confident guide who assisted me in finding my direction and re-establishing healthy goals. She is a beautiful role model of deep listening, calm and sensitivity. Peggy is very unassuming and humble and at the same time she is highly intuitive and understands how to partner with a client.  My work with her was empowering and profound and I highly recommend her. In my case, she assisted me in transforming helplessness into hope and power."

Gloria Simoneaux
Founder, Harambee Arts


"Peggy’s intuitive guidance over several years has been very valuable to me. Her calm and nurturing demeanor provides the space to go within to listen and trust my inner voice. Peggy is very present and listens on all levels to provide great insights. There have been many times that she has helped me gain clarity on important situations and make confident decisions. Her compassionate observations helped me be more objective about my life, and encouraged me to see things from a higher perspective.


Peggy has inspired me to look more deeply within and claim my own personal power, set healthy boundaries and be courageous in creating an abundant life. She understands how to bring out the best in people, and helps them manifest their true, authentic selves."


         Peggy Ary, CMT


"Peggy worked through a dream and vision I had, helping me see it through a fresh and profoundly different perspective.  Her method of re-entering the dream was surprisingly vivid, and easy.  Her intuitive and gentle demeanor encouraged me to explore further for ever deeper understanding.  Peggy has impeccable integrity, and really listens to you whole-heartedly, never taking away your own discovery, but rather partnering with you towards your own epiphany.  I highly recommend her!" 


         KSH, Truth Seeker


"Peggy has a beautiful way of transmitting the energy needed for deep visualizations. I felt lighter, happier, and reanimated around doing the creative work my soul is calling out to do."


Robyn W.


I was in the midst of a personal catastrophe. I had just lost my mother to Alzheimer’s, my father was dying of this terrible disease, and my only brother was mentally and physically unstable. I was the CEO of my family, though I lived far away in New York. It was a crucible. I’d never encountered such pressure as I wrenched myself away from my artist/healer life to take care of everything. I did not feel up to the task, but now I see I was.


When Peggy Bartlett sent out her announcement, I knew she was someone I could lean on. We kept up an east coast west coast telephone session during the darkest times and she offered a professional ear, clear meditations and journeys that I could practice daily whenever I needed. With her help I was able to transform a nightmare into clear intention and love. My parents both died well, in the best possible way at home and I was there for them. My brother, who was once antagonistic, and I are friends. I highly recommend the shift Peggy offers her clients. It’s valuable stuff.


Susan Osberg

Intuitive Energy Healer

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