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If you are at a crossroads in your life, have recently lost a significant person or feel the need to reinvent yourself, you have come to the right place! I would be honored to be your ally as you transform your life. I can help you get the results that took me decades to achieve, but without all of the drama, in a much shorter time! You will find flexible options in the offerings below.

Will empower you to:
  • Recognize and release past subconscious programming

  • Let go of heavy and repressed emotions and thoughts

  • Cut the cords and free yourself from energy-draining relationships

  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Speak your truth with respect and compassion

  • Create soul-nourishing relationships

  • Recharge your spiritual batteries


Will help you:

  • Discover and reintegrate “lost” parts of yourself to feel more complete

  • Access and restore wounded parts of yourself through soul retrieval

  • Realize who YOU really are, and why YOU are here

  • Release fear and self-doubt that has kept you stuck

  • Create healthy relationships

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Amplify your intuition

Will empower you to:
  • Maximize your potential personally, professionally and spiritually

  • Actualize and manifest the changes you want in your life

  • Create a graceful exit strategy (from a job or relationship you have outgrown)

  • Create a roadmap, a personal action plan for achieving your goals

  • Be more creative in every aspect of your life

  • Access healing tools and guidance provided by your dreams

  • Discover your soul contract

  • Make death your ally


Gives you the opportunity to:

  • Bring your personal Reinvention goal into focus

  • Jumpstart and co-create the change you seek

  • Transform a crisis into an opportunity to reach your goal

  • Create a roadmap, a personal action plan for achieving your goals

  • Gain practical tools during an accelerated intensive training

  • Master powerful manifestation visualizations

  • Learn how to transform your life quickly, easily and gracefully

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