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Peggy Bartlett is a Dream Teacher and certified Emotional-Mental Mastery Coach, offering Shamanic Drumming sessions and Active Dreaming consultation. Peggy’s intuitive approach can help you tap into inner levels of awareness and discover the secret messages of your soul.


Drawing from many traditions, Peggy offers a powerful toolbox of resources for helping you gain clarity and formulating next steps in your life.


Her guidance can empower you to: 

  • Activate your potential

  • Become sovereign

  • Gain courage to face fears

  • Release self-limiting subconscious programming 

  • Access inner vision and intuition

  • See your biggest challenges as opportunities for growth


You don’t need to relive or rehash the trauma to unfold your innate power with ease and grace. It's all an inside job!


The Reinvention Project


Peggy named her coaching business the Reinvention Project because she has reinvented herself multiple times, and feels like she has lived several lives in this lifetime! All of us live in a transitional time—so many changes happen so quickly. Adaptability and resilience are important qualities for navigating external circumstances. When you have healthy self-esteem and compassion for self and others, you feel effective, fulfilled, and optimistic. Contact Peggy today and add these qualities to your personal powers.

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