PEGGY'S STORY continued...


For decades, I have been a seeker. I have studied many spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, yoga, ancient Maya and ancient Egyptian cosmology, astrology, astronomy, and the study of dreams. Based upon these rich traditions, I offered spiritual guidance in the form of intuitive astrological and tarot card readings to help clients gain clarity about their lives and formulate next steps. Now, my evolved practice includes a profound strategy that can help activate your personal transformation to attain the purposeful results you seek.


I’d like to tell you a little about how my present work evolved. A few years ago, I found myself at a crossroads when my serious romantic relationship ended abruptly. My relationship had become the primary focus of my life (actually a pattern throughout my adult life.) I had followed my heart and isolated myself, because none of my family or friends condoned the relationship. I learned not to base my life upon their expectations. But now I had to acknowledge that I had given my power away, allowing my romantic relationship to define my identity and self-worth. Now it was gone!


This crisis sent me into a tailspin, and caused me to question the entire meaning of my life. My day job was unfulfilling. I loved the neighborhood in which I lived but the tiny cottage I lived in was not my ideal home. Nothing in my life—career, home or relationship—was working out as I had expected. Suddenly left without a romantic partner to love me, I felt I had nothing to live for.


My soul was tired. I had reinvented myself at least four other times in my life, and I just couldn’t see a clear path ahead for myself. I felt alienated and isolated. My friends and family were supportive, although they had no idea what I was going through. I didn’t want to burden them with the depth of my despair.


I resolved to heal my life when I realized I was on a downward spiral. My heart literally hurt, and I was shrinking away from life. I knew many spiritual practices and techniques that had helped me in the past; affirmation, prayer, self-love and meditation. I tried to retrain my neural pathways, stop thinking about my ex, divert my attention by engaging in healthy activities and being with people who cared about me. All of these things helped, but I was still not able to heal myself. Life seemed empty. Things that used to cheer me up and distract me from my troubles simply didn’t work this time around. My life lacked focus, purpose and joy. I was still here on Earth! I had to change! CHANGE OR DIE.


Obviously, I needed some assistance. Suzanna Kennedy’s Emotional-Mental Detox Program literally provided a lifeline for me that helped me build a road map for my life and manifest my Soul Purpose. That is why I am offering the Emotional-Mental Detox Program as a foundation for “clearing the decks” before I help you get to the real work of manifesting your own Soul Purpose.


I can help you get the results that took me decades to achieve, but without all of the drama, in a much shorter time! If you are at a crossroads in your life, have recently lost a significant person or feel the need to reinvent yourself, you have come to the right place.


Peggy can help you unlock the answers you seek, with ease and grace. You see, the answers are within YOU. You will discover the tools to animate your deepest potential. I will act as your guide through this process as you come home to your SELF.


Peggy’s real-world business and personal experience help you focus on RESULTS that matter!